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We add a premium look and feel to your brand so you can stand out and charge your worth.

One Blue Studio is a premium brand design studio on a mission to help brands position themselves as experts in their field through strategic and inspiring designs. Based in Nottingham, our studio specialises in Brand and Web Design for premium and luxury lifestyle brands.

premium brand design nottingham


premium brand design nottingham


"The professional look really helped. I'm booked out for the next 2 months!"


Bespoke Brows & Scalp

premium brand design nottingham


A brand is only as good as the emotion it evokes.

Have you ever thought about what words describe your brand’s look and feel? That’s the goal of marketing right, to look a certain way and make your audience feel something. It’s that feeling that will make them trust that you are the right person to help them solve their problem.

In a world focused on first impressions, you need a passionate branding agency that presents you to the world precisely the way you want to be viewed. We take your lifestyle brand to the next level by elevating your look and evoking the right feelings in your ideal clientele.

Ready to transform your brand?

Let’s work together to create a brand that presents you as the professional and expert that you are.