9 Free Business Tools


Is your small business making the most of what technology has to offer? As a start-up, you don’t always have the ability to hire professionals or to outsource certain tasks like graphic designing and email marketing. Thanks to technology and the internet, there are a ton of amazing free business tools to scale your business. Have a look at some of our favourite ones.

Free Business Tools


If your company does not have an in-house Graphic Designer, Canva should be your best friend. With Canva, you can create professional designs from pre-formatted templates, which you can use in your social media, blog posts, and on your website.

With the free version, your choice of templates and stock images is limited, but you can still create amazing designs. Using the paid version gives you more templates and images, as well as other features like scheduling your social media posts directly from Canva. Check Canva out here.


Email marketing without a solid strategy is just as good as no marketing. A solid email marketing strategy will help your business grow a loyal customer base. Your email marketing does not have to cost a fortune.  Mailchimp has a FOREVER FREE plan. 

With the free plan, you can send up to 10,000 emails to up to 2,000 subscribers. You will also have access to Mailchimp’s well designed templates on the free plan. With Mailchimp, you will have everything you need to create a successful email marketing campaign. Check Mailchimp out here.


If you work in a team, Slack is the best team communication software you can use. Slack is easy to administrate and it integrates well with other systems like Google Suite.  When working on a new project, you can create a new chat channel in seconds and invite everyone involved to share updates, ideas, and files. Slack has different plans including a free version.

The free Slack plan is fully integrated with Google’s Office Suite so you can attach related documents to each channel for ease of access. You can also install bots in each channel to perform various business functions or connect with other services. Click here to check out Slack.


QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. Quickbooks offers cloud-based systems that track expenses, customise invoices, run reports, and more. You can use the software from their website or using their app.

Quickbooks offers 3 different packages. You can sign up and receive 30 days free on any of them while you decide which package would suit your business best. Go ahead and click here to check it out for yourself.


WeTransfer is a platform that enables you to transfer large files. You can send files as big as 2GB with the free account and up to 200GB with the paid version. WeTransfer is very easy to use and all you have to do is upload the files you want to send, then share the transfer link.

With WeTransfer you can keep track of all your sent and received transfers in one place. See how many times your files are downloaded, resend, forward, or delete your transfers with a click. Click here to see what else you can do with WeTransfer.


Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you compose bold, clear, and mistake-free writing. Grammarly gives you corrections while you write on Outlook, Twitter, Instagram, and all your other favorite sites.

With the Grammarly free version you get corrections on spellings, grammar, and punctuation. This tool will have your emails, blogs, and social media posts clean and mistake-free. Click here to check out more on Grammarly.


This will easily become one of your favourites. Trello helps you collaborate and manage projects while also helping you reach new peaks of productivity. You can create up to 10 boards per workspace using the free version.

In addition to the boards you also have unlimited cards, unlimited lists and you can add an unlimited number of members. Trello also has iOS and Android mobile apps so you can manage all your boards directly from your phone. Find out more about Trello from their website.

Facebook Business Suite

If you are tired of managing your Instagram and Facebook accounts separately then this is the tool made for you. Facebook Business Suite lets you manage all of your connected accounts across Facebook and Instagram in one place. 

The best part of using the Facebook Business Suite is being able to schedule your posts and Instagram stories. This means that you will not need to use 3rd party scheduling apps like Later Go ahead and log in to your Facebook and check it out.

Google Business Tools


This has to be the most popular tool out there for all businesses, no matter what size. From Google Analytics to Google Suite you will be able to manage a lot of services using Google. 

Google Suite offers different products like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Sheets and Google Docs. Small businesses rely on Google Calendar for scheduling calls with clients, Google drive for storing and sharing files, and Google Docs to work on documents simultaneously as a team. Google Suite integrates seamlessly within Google, Microsoft Office and other third party programmes like Slack.

Google Analytics is also a free tool you can use to track the traffic to your website. It can tell you how many people came to your website, where they came from, how long they stayed, and which pages they visited. When you start using SEO techniques, you can track how much traffic is coming to your pages and if your SEO is performing properly. Google Analytics also shows you how effective your social media campaign is in driving traffic to your website. If you need help with connecting your website to Google Analytics, get in touch with us. 

You can visit Google Analytics for more details.

There you have it. Start-ups do not have to be full of daunting tasks when you have so many free business tools you can make use of. Each of these tools will in one way or the other streamline your workflow making it more efficient and also maximizing your return on investment in the process. Most of these tools have different plans, giving you the option to upscale as your business grows. We hope some of these tools will prove useful to you as they have been to us.


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