About Us


Hi there. We’re Farai and Alma, the husband and wife duo behind One Blue Studio.

Together, we are creative problem-solvers who provide a depth of knowledge in design, expertise powered by experience, and effective communication focused on listening. One Blue Studio was created out of a passion and love for design. We know that you invest your soul in your business, just like us, and we want to help you introduce your company to the world. We want to help you tell your story. What we love most about what we do is being able to help fellow entrepreneurs create brands that they are confident in and excited to show off.
Fun Fact

We met in the 1st grade in junior school (1996) and our class was called Grade 1 Blue, hence the name One Blue Studio.

Meet The Team

Farai Macheka


Farai has expertise in visual identity design as he has training in Graphic Communications and Illustration from Loughborough University. As we create your intentional branding he will create high-quality designs that are effective and leave lasting impressions on you and your clients.

When Farai is not designing he enjoys watching a great sporting event, usually golf, Formula 1, Football, or Tennis or you can find him at the driving range.

Alma Macheka


Alma is our Web Design specialist. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Information systems with a major in Website Authoring. Your brand could not be in better hands. As we go on this journey with you Alma will be responsible for your strategic and effective web design.

Aside from being an exceptional web designer, Alma loves reading, playing tennis, cooking, or putting her new hobby, photography, to good use.

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