KH Interiors


Brand Identity Design / Photography / SquareSpace Website Design / Stationery Design / Social Templates

Timeline: 4 Weeks
Year: 2023

KH Interiors is a Nottinghamshire-based interior design service providing a personalised design, styling, and installation service for residential and small-scale commercial properties locally, and across the UK.

THE CHALLENGE – The client’s struggle lay in the disconnect between the luxurious service they offered and the underwhelming impression created by their existing DIY logo and website.

THE SOLUTION – With the target audience in mind, we conceptualized a new logo that captured the essence of their premium services, delivered together with a detailed brand guide on how to apply the brand both online and offline. We also redesigned their Squarespace website to  mirrored the new brand identity and the client’s premium service. The new website’s layout, color scheme, and imagery from our brand photoshoot with he client provide a glimpse of the unparalleled experience they could expect from our client’s services.

THE RESULTS – The newfound consistency between their exceptional service and their professional branding significantly enhanced their online presence and customer perception. Plus a 300% increase in enquiries within 3 months. 

Tote Bag Mockup
Candle Mockup
IG Story Template Design
Interior Designer Website


"I love how bright and luxurious the website looks, you have really captured my brand!. The work you have put in is so visible, it is AMAZING!! It’s all in the little details, I can’t wait to see it LIVE!! thank you so much."

- Keren
Interior Design Website Design
Interior Design Website Design
Interior Design Website Design

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