Brand Strategy / Brand Identity Design / Website Design / Stationery Design

Timeline: 4 Weeks
Year: 2023

Optimal Being Retreat is a luxury spa helping guests achieve their wellness goals through a combination of holistic treatments, personalized guidance, and a serene environment.


The goal was to create a brand identity that captures their essence in a visually appealing way, truly reflecting their commitment to luxury, serenity, and holistic well-being.

THE SOLUTION – We conducted thorough research to understand Optimal Being Retreats’ values and target audience. Drawing inspiration from their serene environment and luxurious offerings, we designed a brand identity with soft, earthy tones, organic elements, and modern typography. Clear brand guidelines ensured consistency across all print material, and the website.

THE RESULTS – The new brand identity resonates well with both internal and external audiences, positioning Optimal Being Retreat as a premium destination for wellness seekers. 

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