Website Design / Social Media Templates Design

Timeline: 3 Weeks
Year: 2024
Scope of Work:  WordPress Website Design, Social Media Templates

THE CLIENT – Slow Luxe Retreats is a luxury lifestyle coaching programme that curates luxury retreats for female entreprenuers.

THE CHALLENGE –Initially, Erin (the Founder) came to us looking for help with optimising her DIY website for mobile, but we quickly realized the need for a complete redesign.

THE SOLUTION – By infusing modern design elements, optimizing performance, and refining the user experience, we crafted a digital space that resonates with the client’s upscale clientele. The new website is of course mobile responsive, loads five times faster than before, and captures the essence of luxury, inviting visitors to embark on an unforgettable retreat experience.


"I really love what you've done and it looks so good on mobile as well, I'm so excited to finally have a website that I can confidently send prospective clients to."

- Erin, Slow Luxe Retreats

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